Innovation and e-health: Bordeaux is one step ahead 

Bordeaux is number one among the leading territories in e-health.

Bordeaux Metropole is home to the global leaders in the sector and is an incubator for innovative startups.

The territory also boasts a leading hospital network and has support from universities and innovative research centers.

Leader in the e-health sector

The Aquitaine region is the top region in France for hospital IT services (1,200 jobs, 50% national turnover), and the 2nd region in the e-health sector.

The region’s industrial dynamic is boosted by:

  • An ICT Health Cluster made up of manufacturers and other health industry actors.
  • A large number of healthcare and medico-social professionals involved in industrial e-health projects.
  • A network of skilled academics specialized in usage: ENSC, Lab de Cognitique, Raudin, Isped, and the widely-renowned Télésanté Aquitaine.
  • A political ambition to make the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine count in significant national programs (Silver economy, national health strategy, EHR, digital healthcare territory…) as well as European programs (Structural Funds 2014-2020…).

Booming companies

  • Maincare Solutions (500 employees, €62 million in turnover), considered a major player in e-health in France, with its headquarters in Canéjan near Bordeaux. The company has announced that it is recruiting 70 people in France, including 25 in Gironde.
    The Bordeaux site has been expanding since its purchase by the American investment fund Symphony Technology in 2014.
  • The startup Invivox, the top e-platform in the world, connecting specialist doctorsfor in-situ training, has raised €1.2M in funds.
    This fast-growing startup was created in March 2015, set up in Pessac at the end of the year, and will be opening its offices in New York at the start of 2017.
  • EDevice, the global leader in connectivity solutions for the health sector. Rewarded for its outstanding results and innovative strategy, winning the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance 2016.
    This little gem from Bordeaux has been bought by iHealth, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Andon.

The MedicActiV digital simulation platform dedicated to e-health training developed by the Gironde company, Interaction Healthcare, has come first in the “major project” category of the 5th international e-education symposium in Canada.
The company is the leader in designing digital applications for patients and healthcare professionals, and in May, finalized an investor round of €5 million.

Events boosting the sector

There has been a growing number of events in Bordeaux to promote and reinforce the Bordeaux e-health ecosystem. 

  • The Hacking Health hackathon , held in Bordeaux at the end of October, put the spotlight on the links between health and technology.
  • The third edition of the European Symposium “Silver Economy & Habitat”, a B2B event which was held on October 25, 2016 at La Cité du Vin, in Bordeaux. This event focused on robotic assistance and robotic companions interacting with connected objects.
  • The GIPSO and the University of Bordeaux are jointly organizing the Health Forum on December 6, a biennial gathering of between 150 and 200 health manufacturers, institutional actors, and public researchers.
    This year, the theme is: “Personalized patient care, digital progress: will companies be able to adapt?”.
  • Finally, for the fourth year running, MediSpace will be held on December 8. This symposium is organized by Bordeaux Technowest, the leader in technology transfer between the aero spatial and medical industries.

Bordeaux Metropole provides the perfect economic environment for developing new opportunities from aeronautics/spatial technologies applied to the medical and health sectors (materials, imaging, virtual and augmented reality, mechanics, e-health…)

No less than 250 participants are expected to attend this event, which was made possible by its partners (Interaction Healthcare, the University of Bordeaux, Malakoff Mederic, GAC Group, Ernst & Young, ADN, DL Additive) and in particular, its long-standing partner, the CNES.

The ITC Health Cluster involved in the Silver Economy

The Aquitaine ITC Health Cluster has two ambitions:

  • Support companies in their market sector
  • Assist them in the e-health market

The cluster has been named the leader of the ICT4Silver project as part of the European Interreg – SUDOE program, ranked 3rd of 36.

This project involves 9 partners across Spain, Portugal and France.
It aims to support the development of innovative products and services designed for seniors based on the application of ICT technologies (connected objects, remote surveillance, intelligent sensors, mobility assistance, robotic assistance…) contributing to maintaining independence for the elderly.

Around thirty SMEs could benefit from this project.

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